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Coca Cola Recalls Dasani Water-

3 million tons of plastic in 2017, plans to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells by 2030.© 2019 - Brett M Christensen.There has been a major recall by the Coca-Cola company today after several thousand bottles of their drinking water was found to be contaminated with a parasite.These third parties –.As for parasites, being able to enter water bottled, when asked if that is something that occurs, University of Maryland Professor of Entomology, Michael Raupp, told WUSA9 researchers he never heard of such that happening.Owned by The Coca-Cola Co.The links below provide the more information from reputable sources.Our Verify Team took a closer look, and here’s what we found:. Massive 10-year study has linked diet soda to heart attacks and stroke.A recent report published by Greenpeace called Coca-Cola “the most prolific polluter” compared to other top brands because in a series of global beach cleanups, Coca-Cola branded packages were collected the most.The sector will probably continue to grow, Mintel said, because consumers are ditching sugary drinks for healthier options like water and seltzer.Do not drink this water! The FDA is recommending that if you have no choice but to consume the water, you MUST boil the water first to kill the parasite.has not been successful, to say the least.

Any Coca-Cola beverage that has a product code under its cap or printed on its paper packaging is eligible to be used for eligible to participate.You probably heard the lately reports in which Coca-Cola admits in January that their Dasani water is only “purified” tap water, packed in a fancy looking bottle.Coca-Cola has promised to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells by 2030.But is it true?.Why? During several beach clean-ups held around the world, Coca-Cola products were among the most collected.We also suggest signing up for Electronic Fund Transfer.The story posted online said a “clear parasite worm” was found in bottles of Dasani across the country.For any tax questions, please consult with your tax advisor.It has sent several hundred people to the hospital and is responsible for parasitic symptoms such as fever, rash, vomiting and stomach bloating.PepsiCo has also announced that it will start selling its Aquafina water brand in aluminum cans at US fast food and restaurant chains as soon as next year.ET on December 31, 2017, but The Coca-Cola Company reserves the right to shorten, extend, suspend, modify, or cancel the Program, in its sole discretion, at any time.Dasani also faces increased competition from store-brand water brands, which consumers often buy in bulk.

recalled thousands of bottles of this drinking water due to contamination with parasite.Using aluminum bottles and cans may help increase the number of of Dasani products that get recycled.Twitter already reports “Dasani parasite” as a suggestion when Twitter users type the word “Dasani” into their search engine, proving that folks are already concerned about the false report of a Dasani water recall.Creator of facebook discussion group Gut Level Talk.RELATED: Some of your favorite breakfast foods are about to get more expensive!.NEW YORK (AP) -- Coca-Cola has not issued a recall for Dasani and says the water is safe to drink, despite a false story shared on social media that claimed bottles were found contaminated with a parasite.- Reuters.Coca-Cola will continue to sell Dasani in plastic bottles too, but it will reduce the amount of plastic in those containers through a process called lightweighting.Check your spam folder first.STORY UPDATED: check for updates below. Conclusion: Why pay so much for water that at best is expensive, acid, old, bottled in plastic and usually lacking in essential minerals?There is an alternative way for you to take control of your water quality, with high-alkaline ionized water from URparamount's water ionizers.“Even though the majority of the impurities have admittedly been removed from Dasani water, and minerals added back in, these parasites have somehow worked their way into their supposedly“clean” water system which has been passed on to the consumer.It has sent several hundred people to the hospital and is responsible for parasitic symptoms such as fever, rash, vomiting and stomach bloating.

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